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Download free 2017 employee handbook updates. Employee handbook updates to make in Social media policy. NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) prohibits employers from banning employees from sharing E-cigarettes. You almost certainly. Employee Handbook Updates for A Critical Refresher on the Most Current Changes to Include Thursday, December 8, p.m.

to p.m. Eastern p.m. to p.m. Central a.m. to p.m. Mountain a.m. to p.m. This How to includes relevant XpertHR resources to help an employer update its own handbook, including Employee Handbook policy statements. To update an employee handbook foran employer should take the following steps: *Note: These legal developments outlined below cover laws passed between January 1, and Octo and laws taking effect on January 1, throughout If a handbook.

Updating Your Employee Handbook for Posted by Marcia Zaruba O'Connor on Ma We are happy to share with you another update to assist with your HR compliance. With many changes in legislation over the past year there are numerous areas in your Employee Handbook. Employee Handbook Updates and Crucial Policies. J by Al Mohajerian. Paid leave laws and FMLA. EEO rules and the need for anti-harassment, anti-retaliation. PERSONNEL COMMITTEE: EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK UPDATES MARCH legal updates from HRWorks proposed changes for policies we reviewed in January.

(Only pertinent pages from the handbook are included so that makes the Table of Contents looks weird because it’s created automatically in the handbook. Employee Handbook Updates Critical Changes to Ensure Legal Compliance and Avoid Liability. California Employee Handbook Updates: Policy Revisions To Make On Pay, Smoking, Background Checks, Paid Leave, And More: SKU: WC Date / Time: Recorded:.

California Employee Handbook Updates: Policy Revisions To Make On Pay, Smoking, Background Checks, Paid Leave, And More.

Webinar: ID# Recorded On-Demand. Qty: About This Course: Even though California is an “at will” state—meaning employers may terminate an employee. Update Your Employee Handbook for Beth Zoller Decem With around the corner, it’s time to review and update your employee handbook, if you haven’t already.

Title: TBC Employee Handbook Update OctoberAuthor: Edward Perry, Name: TBC Employee Handbook Update OctoberLength: 53 pages, Page: 1, Published:.

EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK Authorized By: Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees Revised December H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is accredited by. Attorney Michelli Rivera will be presenting at this years BLR event on the topic of "Mid-Year Updates for Employee Handbooks." This 75 minute session will reach a national audience of HR professionals and will include any updates that might apply for mid-year   Employee Handbook Effective as of 7/01// Page | 2 Our Mission To establish, serve and extend a quality-driven dermatology network through partnering with physician leaders.

Our. Dear Employees, We would like to bring to your notice the recent changes made by Management in policy related with employees coming late at work. This change will come in effect from 1 st April, According to this amendment, all those employees. A handbook is the best place to address issues and set policies in place to deal with them. Top 5 Reasons to Update Here are my top five reasons why your company should update their employee handbook in 7 Policies to Update in Your Employee Handbook.

#Melissa Gonzalez Boyce, J.D. Employers in affected states and municipalities should review and revise their employee handbook and leave-of. Employee Handbook Update #3 November, Representatives from MTI and the MMSD continue to meet as part of the annual Employee Handbook Review/Revision process outlined in. Employee Handbook Update Tuesday, Janu Research HR wants to remind employees to review the revised handbook, including additions such as information regarding.

Employee Handbook Update #4 December, Representatives from MTI and the MMSD continue to meet as part of the annual Employee Handbook Review/Revision process outlined in. An employee handbook provides valuable information to new and established employees. It gives all employees a reference source for the company policies and rules. Although it may be given to new employees. Employee Handbook Updates for Check these 14 items in your employee handbook to ensure they comply with new laws and regulations.

Posted by Katie Yahnke on January 30th, Every business, no matter the size, should have well-drafted employee handbooks. However, it is very important that those handbooks. Employee Handbook Updates For A Critical Refresher On The Most Current Changes To Include: Date / Time: Recorded: Format: Webinar: Description: Is your employee handbook up-to-date?

You could be putting your company at risk if not. The employee handbook. An employee handbook outlines the company's policies, regulations, and legal obligations as well as the employees' rights. It is usually the first place to look for legal clarification on the company's policies and procedures and details everything employees. How to Update an Employee Handbook for It might seem strange that a document outlining basic company guidelines would need to be updated.

But it’s also good practice to review and make changes to your handbook every year. With coming up fast, you should be getting ready to go through this process and get a revised handbook. Handbooks Number Handbooks Title Issue Date Recertification Date; (1) Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions: Eliciting, Documenting and Honoring Patients' Values, Goals and Preferences, 10ETH - National Center for Ethics in Health Care 01/11/   Your handbook should reflect this update for any new employees.

There are plenty of other scenarios, but it generally boils down to making sure your handbook stays current with any legislative or company changes. Without these updates, any related legal claims could become trouble. Putting Together an In-depth, Updated Handbook. Employee handbooks also improve communications between employers and employees. A carefully drafted employee handbook can act as an effective motivational tool and it can provide employees with a company history, set forth the company’s objectives and core values, and explain what role each individual employee.

If your staff has grown beyond the employee threshold since the last update, you may want to revisit the sections covering employees with disabilities.

In the same manner, the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to workplaces with 50 or more employees. Each employee is free to resign at will at any time, for any reason.

Vision VetCare, LLCSimilarly, may terminate the employment relationship at will at any time, for any reason, and with or without notice, so long as there is no violation of applicable federal or state law. This handbook. Pulaski County Council Finalizes Employee Handbook Updates. Posted on Septem Septem Author Michael Gallenberger. A beefed-up drug testing policy and a few other updates to Pulaski County’s employee handbook. A finalized Handbook that has been distributed to staff still needs an update from time to time.

Companies grow and mature and so must their policies. Labor laws will change from time to. Handbooks: MASTER: Employee Occupational Health Service THRU CHANGE 1 PDF: 08/03/ Handbooks: /5: Employee Occupational Health Service (Domestic Violence/Stalking in the Workplace) PDF: 01/23/ Directives: Employee/Management Relations PDF: 04/15/ Handbooks: MASTER: Employee.

Give Your Company’s Employee Handbook a Makeover for XpertHR offers help in compiling handbook updates on new laws, trends NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. – (Jan. 18, ) Not only is it essential for an employer to develop, implement and enforce workplace policies through an employee handbook. Handbooks Handbook EL Revision: Proper Completion of Claim Forms. Effective February 2,the Postal Service™ is revising Handbook EL, Injury Compensation, to clarify how to make changes to Forms CA-1, CA-2, CA-7, and CA-2a, when appropriate.

Handbook. CSUB Employee Handbook 2 rev 9/1/ California State University, Bakersfield California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB), is located on an impressive acre site on the. Employee Handbook.

Valley Collaborative 40 Linnell Circle. Billerica, MA Tel: () Updated and Approved by the Board of Directors of Valley Collaborative on June 1, Employee Handbook Update for Timely and Essential Subjects to Reinforce and Changes to Stay Compliant - On-Demand Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn recent and coming changes in the law that may affect your employee handbooks and get guidance on how to effectively prepare for updates.

Handbooks set expectations—both employer and employee expectations. Take, for example, one of the most important policies: sexual harassment.

From this singular policy, employers can expect employees not to engage in sexual-harassing conduct, and employees. As we start the New Year, employers would be wise to conduct an audit of their employee handbooks to make sure they are up-to-date and legally compliant.  What are some of the top issues you will .

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